by The VSI Team

We’re excited to announce the availability of Visual System Integrator 2022.2 This is our most recent release and is focused on usability, stability and introspection.

Highlights include:

  • GUI changes to make creating custom projects simple and straight forward,
  • Python System generator,
  • New example platforms,
  • enahanced performance for C API (< 1µs read/write for small transactions) and
  • UI menu for build hardware (vsi::build_hardware).

As usual, there are dozen of enhancements, features and fixes.

The release is available through the installation and getting starting guide.

Just a reminder that drag and drop visual system design is without limitation. A license is required to generate the FPGA and Embedded project and can be obtained directly from the launcher (vsi -R). It can further be extended up-to 90 days without cost (request here ).

The documentation is here and free community end user support is provided through our issue tracker here.

In addition, for paid licensed users, email and phone support can be requested through our corporate support channel