Software Context Details

Expand the Software Context “zynq_ps” by clicking on the ../_images/expand_zynq_ps.png. Then double-click on the “vsi_context_ARM” icon ../_images/vsi_context_ARM_icon_01.png to inspect the context details.


  • Context Type : Software
  • Hostname : can be replaced by the ip address of the context
  • Include Directories : comma separated list of directories that will be used to search for header files.

And to inspect the software parameters.


  • CPU Type : ARM, X86, ARM-64, ARM-R5
  • Operating System : Linux/Freertos (currently FreeRtos is supported for ARM-R5 only)
  • C++ Compiler Options to use when the project is created for this Software Context.
  • C Compiler Options to be used when the project is created for this Context
  • Use Cross Compiler : this is the Cross Compiler Prefix prepended to gcc or g++ when the project is generated for this context