Function Reference

  • void init(): Starts a statically initialized TCP client. The port and host address are determined by protected member port_no and Host.
  • ~TcpClient(): Closes all connection and shuts down the client.

Protected Members

  • port_no: Port number that the client listens on.
  • Host: Attempt to connect to this host name or address. Host names are resolved using OS Apis.
  • INPUT_ENABLE: TCP Client’s input is enabled.
  • OUTPUT_ENABLE: TCP Client’s output is enabled.
  • use_udp: Uses UDP protocol instead of TCP.
  • client_data_in: Represents input Inout attached to this client.
  • client_data_out: Represents output Inout attached to this client.
  • tcp_client_connection: Represents socket interface that the TCP Client is using to connect with.