AIE Auto Vectorize Tool

VSI has an auto vectorizer to help optimize user code for running on the AIE processors.

Installing AIE Auto Vectorize Tool

  1. Download the AIE auto vectorize tool from Here

  2. Untar the vsi_llvm.tgz
    tar -xvf vsi_llvm.tgz

  3. Open, in the following path:
    <VSI_LLVM Install Path>/llvm-project/vsi-aiebe/test/vectorize_tests/
    and modify all the llvm-exec path to
    <VSI_LLVM Install Path>/llvm-exec

Running the Auto Vectorizer

  1. To run the auto vectorizer execute the following command:
    ./ -Os <<file>> <<func>>

    • -Os is the compiler flag for size optimization

    • <<file>> is the name of the c++ file without extension

    • <<func>> is the name of top level function in the c++ code

  2. AIE auto Vectorize tool will generate the vectorized code with “.cpp” extension.