This Utility class is used by TcpServer, TcpClient and Interconnect to provide data move over TCP.

Function Reference

  • Constructs a Net class.

    Net(int socktype, unsigned short port, Log *log, const char *server_name = "localhost", std::function<void(spBuffer)> _callback = [] (spBuffer) {})
    • socktype: Sets the socket type. Supported types are SOCK_STREAM for TCP and SOCK_DGRAM for UDP.
    • port: Sets the port. It is a shared number that can be used to listen on or to connect to, depending on which method is called afterwards.
    • log: A log object belonging to the parent component.
    • server_name: A host name. It will be resolved to an IP and used as a host to connect to if connect() is used and as a host to allow connection from if listen() is used.
  • connect(): Attempts to connect to a server on the shared port number.

  • listen(): Binds to the shared port and starts listening for incoming connections.

  • end(): Disconnect from clients and/or server.

  • connected(): Returns true if a connection is established.