A platform only component that is used to establish connectivity between two software contexts using TCP or UDP.

Function Reference

  • Constructs an interconnect class.

    Interconnect(const char* comp_name, const char* host_name, const int port, unsigned int flags)
    • comp_name: name of the interconnect. Used for logging and trace purpose.

    • host_name: Host name to establish the connection with.

    • port: Incoming or outgoing port of the interconnect.

    • flags: Modify the behavior of the interconnect. Valid flags are INTERCONNECT_MASTER and INTERCONNECT_DEFAULTROUTE.

      • INTERCONNECT_MASTER: Sets the interconnect as a TCP server.

      • INTERCONNECT_DEFAULTROUTE: The interconnect will be used as a default route to route all data that has no address through itself. The primary type of such data is trace data. Functionally similar to TCP Default Gateway.

  • init(): Starts the interconnect.

  • Inout &default_link(): Returns the default Inout of the interconnect. Primarily used by Trace component.

  • Inout &link(int port): Add a new link to the interconnect. This starts up a new tcp server or client and attempts to connect to or listens to the host specified in the constructor.