by The System View Team

Visual System Integrator is a graphical system integration tool. Layered on the graphical user interface of Xilinx Vivado, VSI provides you an environment for rapid application development.

VSI AWS F1 Diagram

Features Diagram

In addition to C and C++, VSI allows you to import JAVA and Python functions as blocks. This opens up the entire AWS cloud infrastructure and eco-system to you. With a few simple “read/write” function calls transfer the data from Java/Python to and from the FPGA. The VSI runtime take cares of the rest.

Click on the Video to get a quick overview of developing an application for the Amazon EC2 F1 Instances.

End to end solution

VSI also allows you to export interface software block interfaces as APIs or RESTful interfaces. This powerful feature allows you to access the FPGA from exiting application using well understood methods.

Download now!

Visual System Integrator is available as an AMI on Amazon AWS Marketplace as well as a separate download for offline installation. Download it now to accelerate your FPGA and Embedded Development