Visual System Integrator Makes It Simple To Integrate FPGA And Embedded Systems.

Visual System Integrator is blurring the line between prototyping in high level languages such as Python and months of effort porting the prototyping into the actual code for the end product.

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Our Story

We are a mature engineering startup with two offices located in San Mateo, CA and in Yerevan, Armenia with an AI driven solution for heterogeneous systems integration.

Our product, Visual System Integrator (VSI), is a visual IDE (integrated development environment) for hybrid system integration.

VSI provides an end-to-end development solution for the full lifecycle of heterogenous systems with multiple processors and hardware accelerators with a focus on industrial, commercial and aerospace/defense sector.

We have developed a visual development workflow that is based on layers of abstraction. It represents all parts of the application, hardware, software and logical as visual blocks. These blocks are laid out on two canvases, with base layer reserved for low level details such as input/outputs (IOs), hardware constrains and static components. A second canvas represents the application layer where the logical components are laid out.

The top-down approach enables application/system architects to think and reason about the complete system, significantly cutting down integration and testing duration as well as provides the capability to do system level optimization and to validate/debug the application as a whole.

The benefits don't stop as in addition to all above, rapid changes can be made to the system while ensuring that the behavior doesn't change, changes such as porting the application to a new hardware, moving blocks from software to dedicated hardware accelerators.

VSI Runtime is a tiny field-hardened all-in-one library with an intelligent scheduler, dynamic loader, resource manager and protocol APIs. It provides the giga-scale performance mandated by mission critical applications through a generic API with data flow across the system. The unique ability to dynamically reconfigure parts of the hardware and realtime processors makes VSI Runtime the only solution of its kind and irreplaceable.

Regarding the application development, we have designed and tested the workflow to support the full lifecycle of a product, from prototyping to a production and a smooth transition to maintenance mode.

Based on the business need, the platform layer can be replaced without making any modification to the application. That makes switching vendors and upgrading to the next iteration a non-brainer.

We support a wide array of programming languages and development patterns out-of-the-box and are continuously evolving it as new technologies emerge. C++, Java, Python, System Verilog are supported out of the box with support for more in the works.

The current list of supported language is available at our Documentation.
The tool can be freely downloaded from our website here (a free evaluation is provided)


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