by The VSI Team

We’re excited to announce that Raytheon, one of the largest defense contractor in the US, has picked System View Inc as a subcontractor for DARPA Challenge.

System View will be collaborating with Raytheon to bring the next generation of rapid hardware design and development to life tailored for mission critical application in defense industry under DARPA’s DSSoC (Domain specific System-on-chip) challenge. The combined team from Raytheon and System View will be using System View’s flagship product, Visual System Integrator as the development tool of choice.

Visual System Integrator provides an end-to-end development solution for the full lifecycle of heterogeneous systems with multiple processors and hardware accelerators with a focus on industrial, commercial and aerospace/defense sector.

The end-to-end development workflow is based on abstraction layers and behavioral design paradigm. It breaks away from than the traditional methodology where a team of expert engineers develop each part of system and hardware platform as separate components. Instead VSI takes the application requirements such as latency, power consumption and throughput as well as functionality as a list of blocks connected through interfaces. Combined with the hardware description that is directly downloaded from vendor tools, VSI generates the end application, optimized to fit within the desired requirements.

VSI uses machine learning and advanced algorithms to trim the years of development and testing, down to a few weeks and can rapidly adapt to support new hardware platforms and applications.

More details on the DSSoC challenge can be found here: DARPA DSSoC

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