Announcing Visual System Integrator



Systems such as Network Routers, Enterprise Storage & Industrial Control systems are getting increasingly complex. Manufacturers of these systems spend months/years developing and debugging each device. Integration efforts are exacerbated by lack of visibility into system level interactions of multiple components.

Lack of visibility into the system often causes even the most robust designed system to go under.


We have developed a tool to “graphically” (intuitively) describe a heterogeneous system completely and accurately. The tool will automatically generate drivers required for communication across standard interfaces. It also includes an intuitive visualization component, which provides insight into system level interactions. The tool can be used to generate simulation models to test component interactions. This reduces time to debug after components are integrated.

Who Are We?

System View Inc is an early stage startup based in San Mateo, California. We are building a unique tool that will change the way Embedded System Integration is done.